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2019 Executive Team for Youth at General Assembly

General Assembly Youth of Color Community with Ware Lecturer Brittany Packnett

If you attended General Assembly 2018 in Kansas City, you might already know our current youth staff! That’s because about half of the positions on GA youth staff are two-year commitments, which helps with continuity as GA travels across the country each year.
While the one-year and “junior” positions will be selected in the winter (stay tuned for an application!), the youth executive team is already beginning to plan GA19 in Spokane, WA.

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Here’s the Team!

Kari and Andreas are the Youth Deans. They are responsible for guiding and supporting the rest of the staff team, coordinating the structure of youth programming at GA, and representing youth to the larger UU community. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything related to youth programming at GA, Kari and Andreas are the people to go to. Have you taken the Which Dean Are You Quiz?

Julia is the Senior Business Manager. She helps coordinate Youth Caucus, the voting bloc of youth delegates, and any youth interested in business. Along with her Junior Business Manager, she’ll be the person to ask if you want any clarification about what goes on in General Session, how to become a youth delegate, or how to write a statement to read during debate.

Emma is the Senior Worship Coordinator. Along with coordinating all youth worships, Emma will partner with YA@GA to plan the Synergy Bridging service, for youth bridging into young adulthood. If spirituality is an important part of General Assembly for you, or you want it to be, or maybe you’re not even sure yet, Emma is the perfect person to seek out.

Ehlona is the Senior Thrive Coordinator. Their main role is to support and advocate for youth of color at GA. Ehlona will be all over the place, promoting and leading activities, worships and get-togethers for youth of color (YOC), but she really wants to make sure that YOC know they’re not alone. If you’re a youth of color and need someone to chaplain you, help you talk to the right relations team, or just give you a smile or hug, Ehlona and her Junior Thrive Coordinator are the people to connect with.

Kari Gottfried

Kari Gottfried Sr. Dean

Andreas Rivera Young

Andreas Rivera Young Jr Dean

Julia Landis Sr. Business Manager

Julia Landis Sr. Business Manager

Emma Merchant Sr. Worship Coordinator

Emma Merchant Sr. Business Manager

Ehlona Walker Sr. Thrive Coordinator

Ehlona Walker Sr. Thrive Coordinator