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Unitarian Universalism Nurtures All Kinds of Families

Family—so simple and yet so complicated. In our rapidly changing world, families are under more pressure than ever. When it comes to living life with courage, compassion, and connectedness, all of us could use a little help.

We help families live more balanced, resiliant, and joyful lives. And it all begins with the affirmation your familiy will find in Unitarian Universalism.

To us, family is a big tent. Family means chosen family, family of origin, second family, blended family, adoptive family, extended family. Family means two married men with three cats, a grandmother raising her granddaughter, a single adult with far-flung siblings, and a man and a woman with four kids. We celebrate the full spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities that families include. We nurture all kinds of families, helping families be resilient and loving.

Our programs for all ages are built on this vision:

All people are lovable beings of infinite worth, imbued with powers of the soul. We are obligated to use our gifts, talents, and potentials in the service of life.

Our sexuality education programs for children, youth, and adults are positive, inclusive, and increase parent-child communication about values.

Our family resources help parents talk with children about difficult things, and connect with the soul of parenting.

Our congregations as a whole embrace families, providing loving support through the joys and stresses of family life. We walk, and grow, with you. Connect with a congregation near you to begin the journey.

Featured Books

Being Both
Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family

Susan Katz Miller
From Beacon Press

A book on the growing number of interfaith families raising children in two religions.

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