Social Justice Statements

As an expression of our faith and values, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) takes positions on relevant issues of social justice. Our positions are discerned via the social witness process, as shepherded by the Commission on Social Witness. Grounded in these social witness statements, the UUA will sign on to letters and amicus briefs in coalition with other faith and social justice organizations, magnifying our impact in the larger world.

Sign-on Letters and Amicus Briefs

In partnership with other faith and justice organizations and coalitions, the Unitarian Universalist Association signs on to other public statements of position that align with our social witness statements and priorities. Letters to public officials, open statements, shareholder letters, and amicus briefs are an important way we live our values. Access all sign-on statements.

Social Witness Statements

Search our collection of UU Social Witness Statements (updated annually).

Delegates raise their hands to vote during GA Congregational Study/Action Issue vote, 2014.

Delegates at the 2014 General Assembly vote on the 2014-2018 Congregational Study/Action Issue

Both Unitarian and Universalist histories are inseparable from social and political action over the years. Since the Unitarians and the Universalists consolidated in 1961, the resulting Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations has continued a proud legacy of activism. Our statements bear witness to the world on issues of social justice.