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Show the Love Resources
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We are at a key moment in American history. Never has the Unitarian Universalist message of hope and healing been more important. As we see more and more visitors coming to our churches and our websites in the wake of the 2016 election, we must tap into the energy we feel. We will "show the love" because our nation is hurting, hate crimes are on the rise, and so many have been disturbed by the political process. We as Unitarian Universalists are being called to respond—may that call receive the answer "yes," and not just get a busy tone.

Unitarian Universalists are encouraged to publicly proclaim their values and take action in their communities to show their love for justice.  Now through Inauguration Day (January 20) and beyond, join in a joint response that Unitarian Universalists can answer the complex needs in our communities.

Ways Your Congregation Can Act

  • Map “Show the Love.”  Add your congregation’s public actions and events which show your love: from vigils to demonstrations to projects with community partners. This will help people searching online find an event or project near them to join.
  • Prep Your Greeters.  If you are a congregational leader, you may be seeing some new visitors these days. With increased numbers of visitors, your greeters should be prepared to provide intercultural hospitality and information about Unitarian Universalism.  The Growing Vital Leaders blog post "People Get Ready, Part 1" is a good place to start.
  • Work with Key Partner Groups.  Leverage existing relationships with groups like Showing Up for Racial Justice and campaigns like We Say Enough.  These are easy routes to ramp up your engagement and action.  For congregations who are linked in with local groups who are already involved in movement work, consider what your congregation can share: meeting space, meals for meetings, communication channels, volunteers.  By joining with interfaith coalitions and other groups, we can amplify and uphold common values and messages.  These relationships are an ongoing dialogue between your congregation and the community’s needs- a way to fortify your congregation’s relevance in this emerging American era.
  • Check Back Often. This page will be regularly updated with more blogs, resources, and possibly webinars and a forum to help you in meeting the real needs you are seeing in your community.  Contact outreach [at] uua [dot] org to let the UUA Outreach Team know of any outreach needs they can help meet.

Post-Election Resources from the UUA and Partner Groups

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