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Resources for Service Trips

  • Young Adult Service Journal 2012 (PDF, 14 pages)
    This journal assists in effectively combining spirituality and service by guiding your reflective process before, during and after your service trip. A useful aid while exploring yourself and your relationship to the world.
  • Choosing a Service Project That's Right For You (PDF)
    We want you to engage in service work that inspires and calls you to action. We also want you to have the time of your life! This resource is a helpful guide to choosing a service project that is right for you.
  • Preparing for Your Service Trip (PDF)
    It is essential that you cover all of the bases before leaving on your service trip. Keep these guidelines in mind as you prepare for your adventure. (Another option is the volunteer handbook Amizade gives its volunteers to help them prepare for their trip to Ghana: Amizade Volunteer Handbook (PDF).)
  • Criteria for a Successful Service Trip (PDF)
    To give a better understanding of what we look for in service opportunities, here is the criteria the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) uses to evaluate potential service trips and to determine whether a service trip was successful or not. You too can use this criteria to help make your service trips more successful and effective.
  • Young Adult Service Trip Fundraising Manual (PDF, 21 pages)
    This guide offers tips and strategies for young adults to fundraise and finance a service learning trip. Never raised $2,000 before? No problem! The Fundraising Manual gives you step-by-step instructions about how to craft a budget, tell your story, connect with people in your network and put on fundraising events.

Try This At Home!

  • Spiritual Exercises (PDF)
    If you are committed to your personal/spiritual growth and would like to expand your horizons, try out some of these "spiritual exercises." (Here are some personal examples: "I Believe" (PDF), and "Quote Me" (PDF).)
  • Commit Yourself! (PDF)
    Not all of us can or want to go on an extensive service trip. However, we can all commit to actively improving ourselves on a daily basis. Feel free to use this resource as a helpful guide along your journey of self improvement. Commit yourself!

Leadership Library

  • Books & Books & Books & Books! (PDF)
    This book list is an ever-growing resource intended to provide Unitarian Universalist (UU) young adults, as well as any individual, with a literary guide to explore topics such as leadership development, social justice, service work, theological reflection, and spiritual development.
  • In addition, Beacon Press is a great resource for literature related to social justice, service work, and spiritual development.

DVD list coming soon!

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