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Forum on Our Vision for Social Witness

Forum on Our Vision for Social Witness
Forum on Our Vision for Social Witness
Social Witness Process

Discernment Process

The UUA Board, the Commission on Social Witness, and the UUA Staff are re-examining how the denomination can more effectively engage in the social witness process, especially when we are gathered in community at the General Assembly.  At the 2016 General Assembly, these three groups hosted a workshop with some background information (see the slides) followed by an opportunity for workshop participants to provide input.  Since only a relatively few people attend any one session at GA and since workshop participants had little time to consider their responses, additional opportunities for input will improve the input that will inform any changes.

Through this forum, any interested UU can now participate in this discernment process. By responding to the questions below and to the comments from one another to each question you will provide the ideas and insights needed to revise the denomination’s practices and processes.   

The Questions

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