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Inter-denominational cooperation

Inter-denominational cooperation
Jay.Landau By Jay.Landau

I feel that folks from the UU Churches would benefit greatly by aligning with others such as Unity in Charlottesville, VA. These folks are very like-minded with regards to the LGBTQ  community issues and basic human rights as well. Strength in numbers, right ?

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Ndidi123 8 months 3 weeks ago

I think UU's are missing an opportunity by not developing truly meaningful and respectful relationships with other places of worship whose constituents are mostly POC.  I don't and can't know for certain but it seems like most UU congregations (which are for the large majority predominantly white), stay within their own bubble when it comes to addressing social justice issues.  I don't have a plan in mind to accomplish this right now however I do think it's of vital importance to us as UU's.

(And this also means having white UU's actively learn how to interrupt racism, have the courage to be in uncomfortable situations to address their own racism and learn to step back when working with and/or around POC.)

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