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Planning for Actions of Immediate Witness at General Assembly
Planning for Actions of Immediate Witness at General Assembly
Social Witness Process

To assist Unitarian Universalists (UUs) in organizing Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs) at General Assembly, the Commission on Social Witness (CSW) encourages you to plan and collaborate online. Find a list of criteria for successful AIWs.

If you are interested in proposing topics and planning together, email socialwitness [at] uua [dot] org with:

  • Potential AIW title
  • Two-sentence description, and
  • Contact information for primary organizer.

The information will be posted here (scroll down for list). People interested in learning more about a particular topic or collaborating on drafting an AIW can communicate with the organizer listed. If you prefer to simply propose a topic for others to consider, send only the title and description to be posted. If another person wants to coordinate planning for an AIW on that issue, they can notify us at socialwitness [at] uua [dot] org.

Please note: This list of AIWs is for planning and organizing purposes only! To be formally considered, proposed AIWs must be submitted at General Assembly as described in Part 2 of the Proposer's Guide.

Proposed AIWs

All Life on Earth is in Crisis: Imperatives for A New Moral Era

Since the adoption of the Statement of Conscience “Threat of Global Warming and Climate Change” by the UUA General Assembly in 2006 in which our organization recognized the dangerous energy imbalance created by humanity's use of fossil fuels, we have sought ways to turn that Statement of Conscience into positive action by the passage of Actions of Immediate Witness in 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2015. Because we are now experiencing a federal administration that ignores science, defunds the Environmental Protection Agency, questions the integrity of our nation's sacred spaces, and withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord while at the same time evidence for potentially catastrophic climate change continues to mount, we must redouble our efforts and pledge our support and action for both new and proven ways to address this threat to all life on our one planet—thoughts and prayers are not enough; there is no 'Planet B'.

Proposed by Erv Klaas, ervklaas50010 [at] yahoo [dot] com

End Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children

The abuse of Palestinian children by the Israeli security system is pervasive and systematic, as documented by Israeli and international human rights organizations and as condemned by a bill recently introduced into the US Congress, the “Supporting human rights by ending Israeli military detention of Palestinian children Act” (H.R. 4391). This Action of Immediate Witness calls on Unitarian Universalists to help end the detention and abuse of Palestinian children under Israeli military occupation.

Proposed by Curtis Bell, President of Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East, president [at] uujme [dot] org

Join the Poor People’s Campaign

Ask your congregation and interfaith contacts to participate in “The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival,” a resurrection of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign of 1967-68, now led by Rev. William Barber. This movement seeks common ground among faith traditions in a politics rooted in the suffering of the “least among us” – the poor and downtrodden, across racial, ethnic, class, and social lines, specifically to overcome political scapegoating and tear up the economic exploitation built by the rich and powerful.

Proposed by Dick Burkhart, Ph.D., UUs for a Just Economic Community, dick [at] democworks [dot] org

A Moral Response to the March for Our Lives

UUs should offer support to the young people who recently seized our attention and demanded a renewal of our best efforts to change this nation's gun culture.

Specifically we should marshal resources for our mutual task, to continue the work begun by many over the years, especially people of color, who in their grief and courage have carried on this struggle.

Proposed by Rev. Roger Brewin, Rabrewin [at] aol [dot] com

​Supporting the Youth Anti-Gun Violence Movement

Youth throughout America have taken a stand against the gun violence that has traumatized them in their schools for years. As youth leaders of the UUA, we urge congregations to support youth across the country in their efforts to make their schools safer.

Proposed by Annalee Durland-Jones, Senior Business Manager to Youth Caucus, ballet6 [at] embarqmail [dot] com; and Julia Landis, Junior Business Manager to Youth Caucus, julialandis727 [at] gmail [dot] com

Tax Breaks for the People, Not the Rich

Work with your congregation and allied justice organizations to fundamentally increase contributions to the common good from wealthy corporations and individuals by reversing the tax expenditures on the rich by the recent federal tax law (, bearing in mind likely electoral breakthroughs. Then escalate your attack on predatory inequality – tax capital gains higher than earned income, stop tax evasion like offshoring, reduce regressive payroll taxes and taxes on essentials, tax depletion of non-renewable resources like carbon fuels, increase taxes on luxury goods and services, even a new safety net of dividends from citizen shares in key natural resources and mega-corporations.

Proposed by Dick Burkhart, Ph.D., UUs for a Just Economic Community, dick [at] democworks [dot] org

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