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Planning for Actions of Immediate Witness at General Assembly

To assist Unitarian Universalists (UUs) in organizing Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs) at General Assembly, the Commission on Social Witness (CSW) encourages you to plan and collaborate online. Find a list of criteria for successful AIWs.

If you are interested in proposing topics and planning together, email with:

  • Potential AIW title
  • Two-sentence description, and
  • Contact information for primary organizer.

The information will be posted here (scroll down for list). People interested in learning more about a particular topic or collaborating on drafting an AIW can communicate with the organizer listed. If you prefer to simply propose a topic for others to consider, send only the title and description to be posted. If another person wants to coordinate planning for an AIW on that issue, they can notify us at

Please note: This list of AIWs is for planning and organizing purposes only! To be formally considered, proposed AIWs must be submitted at General Assembly as described in Part 2 of the Proposer's Guide.

Proposed AIWs

Title: Address 400 Hundred Years of White Supremacist Colonialism

Description: This AIW describes the reasons why Unitarian Universalists must remember and address the European invasion of this continent, the genocide of the original peoples and the ongoing destruction of our earth. It offers priority actions which Unitarian Universalists can take in solidarity with Indigenous-led movements and struggles.

Contact Information:

Title: Amen to Uprising: A Commitment and Call to Action

Description: This AIW is a call to action for Unitarian Universalists to engage in the larger movement to end anti-Blackness and defund the police. This current global political moment is presenting us with unique and urgent possibility. With specific attention to our universalist theology, we imagine the possibility of a world free from policing. This AIW affirms our renewed commitment to creating authentic justice rather than relying on state violence.

Contact information:

Title: The Pandemic: a Religious Response

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the economic and social injustice that shapes health and health care in the United States. The proposed AIW is a call for immediate action to create healing and health equity during a time of economic crisis, violence, climate change, and systemic oppression.

Contact Information: Terry Lowman, co-chair UUs for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC),

Title: Amend the 13th: end slavery and perverse incentives to the prison industry.

Description: The 13th amendment, passed in 1864, abolished slavery with a giant loophole: "except as punishment for a crime”. It is time to fix this error, and thus end some of the perverse incentives for prison-based industries that implicate us as unknowing consumers.

Contact Information: Lin Chambers,

Title: George Can't Breathe but We Can Vote

Description: Protest has the power to awaken the indifferent, bring light to injustice and clarify the need for change, but protest in itself is not sufficient to bring about change. Real change comes when the power of passion is expressed in the power of the ballot. It is time to harness the spirit of our Fifth Principle and bring change and justice to our society. This AIW expands the call of UU the Vote to personally awaken UUs to make a commitment to register voters and get out the vote.

Contact information: Jay Kiskel, 678-836-4340

Title: Thanksgiving Day for All Peoples

Description: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a reclaiming of the American Thanksgiving Day is requested. Instead of celebrating Plymouth Colony, the holiday should be a multicultural and timeless event that recognizes the need for healing, environmental protection, and the giving of thanks.

Contact Information: ​Rev. Robert Murphy. Telephone: 727-864-7344

Title: End the Use of Facebook and its Subsidiaries For Any Church Business

Description: Facebook Inc.and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg have repeatedly supported deliberate misinformation, untruths, and lies on its platform 1,2,3, being diametrically opposed to the UU 4th principle of a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning” among others, thus benefiting with an increasing number of users and revenue of $70 Billion in 2019 4,5, further spreading false information to more people. This AIW serves to urge the UUA and affiliated groups and congregations to cease usage of Facebook and its subsidiaries (Instagram, WhatsApp, etc) for any church or organization business, so as not to tacitly promote these dangerous and harmful practices.

Contact Information: ​Terry Matula,