Planning for Actions of Immediate Witness at General Assembly

To assist Unitarian Universalists in organizing Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs) at General Assembly (GA), the Commission on Social Witness (Commission) encourages early connection and collaboration in advance of GA to build shared wisdom and empower contributions among local partners. Follow this link for guidance on identifying an AIW focus.

If you are interested in proposing an AIW or planning together, email with:

  • Potential AIW title or witness/action topic
  • Two-sentence description, and
  • Contact information for primary organizer(s).

The information will be posted here (scroll down for list). People interested in collaborating on a witness draft, action, or learning more can communicate with the organizer listed.

Please note: This list of AIWs is for planning and organizing purposes only! To be formally considered, proposed AIWs must be submitted at General Assembly as described in Part 2 of the Proposer's Guide.

Proposed AIWs

Title/Topic: [Awaiting your group’s witness/action here!]


Primary Contact(s):


Title/Topic: Congressional Representation for Washington, DC

Description:The Silver Souls/ DC Statehood subcommittee of All Souls Church Unitarian of DC supports passage of the DC Statehood bills (H 51 and S 51) which reserves a two mile wide strip of DC that includes all the Federal buildings and monuments and would allow the remaining land and its occupants to have full congressional representation by becomig the 51st state of the Union. Since the movement of the Federal Government to DC in the 1800s, resistance to allowing DC residents the full rights of citizenship has been based largely on the majority black racial makeup of its population despite the citizens having always paid their federal taxes and served in the armed services.

Primary Contact(s):Jacqui Gallagher;; 202-333-7957


Title/Topic: COVID-19 Pandemic: Justice. Healing, Courage.

Description: Religious reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recovery; support for immediate public health work at the local, national, and international levels; request for a CSAI about the American health care system. This AIW will address the problems of economic injustice, systemic racism, and ageism and ableism in health care. The Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC) will coordinate this proposal with other groups.

Primary Contact(s): Rev. Robert Murphy.

For more information contact