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What happens between Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) submission and General Assembly?

  • The Commission on Social Witness (CSW) meets in October and reviews all properly submitted proposals.
  • The CSW reviews proposals using the criteria listed in Issues.
  • The CSW will reformat and edit proposals that meet the criteria into a final form. The CSW will not edit a proposal to make it meet the criteria. If two or more proposals overlap in their focus, the CSW may merge them into a single proposal. In doing so, the CSW takes into account previously adopted social witness statements.
  • The CSW will place no more than ten proposals on the Congregational Poll, which is made available to congregations, districts, and specified sponsored organizations by November 15. Proposed CSAIs listed in the Congregational Poll are also posted on the CSW website after attempts have been made to notify all proposers of the CSW’s decisions and confirm that proposed CSAIs selected for the Poll reflect the intent of the proposers.
  • The ballot for the Congregational Poll is posted on-line with the Congregational Certification form. Access is by Congregational log-on. Congregations must cast their vote by the February 1 following the November 15 posting date. The outcome of the Congregational Poll reduces to no more than five the number of proposed CSAIs to go on the Final Agenda for GA. For the proposed CSAIs to be placed on the Final Agenda, twenty-five percent (25%) of all certified congregations must participate in the ballot vote concerning these proposed CSAIs, and a majority of those must vote in favor of placing the CSAI on the Final Agenda.

For more information about the CSAI/Statement of Conscience process, go to UUA Bylaws Sections 4.11 and 4.12.

What happens at GA?