Tips on Organizing Support for an Action of Immediate Witness

  • Have a team of people who can talk to delegates about your proposed AIW and ask them to vote for it. Display a flyer that is eye catching and explains the issue clearly and crisply on a poster board or clip board.
  • You may also want to have a group of people with a sign – Support the AIW on Fill in People Who are Impacted or the Issue (e.g. Support the AIW for Water Protectors or Vote for the AIW on Climate Justice) set up along a busy area in the Convention Center. Chanting and singing will be a good way to attract attention too.
  • Have 2-3 people recruited beforehand to talk at the pro microphone. Think about having a diversity of voices in terms of age, sex, race, orientation, and gender identity. Give each person a different talking point that can be made in 2 minutes.
  • Post your AIW to the Commission on Social Witness Facebook Page.
  • Start a Facebook Group about Your AIW and invite people to join it and organize for it in that space. People can share ideas there.
  • Use twitter: Create a hashtag #. Include in tweets #UUAGA to catch delegates’ eyes.
  • Post to AIW discussion forum on the GA App.
  • Send emails to individuals and groups that you think will support your AIW and ask them to vote for it.
  • Look through the GA Program Book for events that are relevant to your AIW and talk to people there.
  • Be prepared to help delegates understand the process for voting: Vote for up to 3 proposals starting at close of Friday’s General session. Deadline Saturday at 2 p.m. The Voting form (with links to all the AIWs to be considered) will be accessible through the GA App.

The top three vote-getters do not automatically get placed on the Final Agenda. On Friday morning, the proposed AIWs that the CSW deems meet the published criteria will be available for review both electronically and at the CSW booth in the Exhibit Hall. An explanation of the voting procedure will be given at the Friday morning business session. At the Saturday business session, a member of the CSW will make a motion to add to the Final Agenda the three (3) proposed AIWs that receive the most votes. The proposer or a designated spokesperson (who must be a delegate) will have up to 2 minutes to argue for admitting each proposed AIW to the final agenda. That requires a two-thirds (2/3) positive vote.

Proposed AIWs added to the Final Agenda will then be discussed and voted on during the same Saturday business session. There will be time for 2-3 people to speak for or against affirming each proposed AIW. AIWs may not be amended. The vote is either for or against the proposal as written. Therefore, it is important that proposers are clear in their language and facts. A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote is required for affirmation.
Proposed AIWs on the Final Agenda are not in competition with one another. Each of the proposed AIWs admitted to the Final Agenda may be affirmed or rejected by the delegates.