How Do I Submit My Proposed Action of Immediate Witness (AIW)?

AIW proposals must be enclosed with a completed cover sheet (link below) and emailed to by no later than 10 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday June 23, 2021. Proposals must be in electronic format and are requested to be submitted as Google Documents, RTF documents, or MS Word documents to ensure the CSW can access the submission. Proposals must include the AIW Cover Sheet available here at this link and fully completed.

Due to the compressed timeline required for this virtual GA, proposers are encouraged to begin collaboration and planning early, and to submit proposals in advance of the deadline to the email above. Proposers can collaborate via the UUA website following instructions. Please note that several proposals are already posted for possible collaboration. One important purpose of collaboration is to permit proposers of similar topics to develop an AIW together. Otherwise, the CSW will select from proposals on similar topics the proposal that best meets AIW criteria.

What happens after the filing deadline?

For more information contact