What should my proposed Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) look like?

Your AIW must have a title that clearly identifies the subject. It may be written as a narrative or in a "resolution format" (with "Because," "Whereas," and "Therefore Be It Resolved" clauses).

It should be concise. There is a 500-word limit.

It must be clear. Someone with no previous knowledge of your topic should be able to read the proposed AIW and understand exactly what the issues are and what actions you are proposing. Time restrictions at General Assembly (GA) do not permit the Commission on Social Witness (CSW) to make substantial or substantive edits. Visit the CSW booth or contact a Commissioner at socialwitness@uua.org if you have any questions about clarity or how to write your proposal for maximum impact.

You are strongly encouraged to attach reputable documentation to substantiate facts you set forth in your proposed AIW. The documentation will not count toward the 500 word limit and might not appear with the AIW, but it will be available from the UUA with affirmed AIWs.

How do I submit my proposed AIW?