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What Kind of Issue Is Appropriate for an Action of Immediate Witness (Aiw)?

What kind of statement is appropriate for an Action of Immediate Witness (AIW)?

  • Pertains to an issue that requires immediate action for our witness to make an impact;

  • The statement is specific and not conducive to three years of study and action built into the Congregational Study/Action Issue process;

  • The statement does not duplicate a recent AIW;

  • The statement is grounded in Unitarian Universalist theology and practice;

  • The statement calls on our member congregations to take meaningful action;

  • The issue presents an opportunity for our member congregations to build partnership and/or act in solidarity with marginalized groups beyond and within the¬†association; AND

  • The statement is crafted in anti-oppressive and inclusive language that is conducive to justice in terms of content and impact.

For additional help as you proceed, please contact the Commission on Social Witness at Through our social witness process, we work together so that the moral arc of the universe bends ever more closely toward justice.