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What happens after the Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) filing deadline?
Social Witness Process

The Commission on Social Witness (CSW) will review all proposed AIWs with the requisite signatures, and select up to six according to the criteria cited. The CSW may edit them and may combine two or more proposed AIWs on related subjects (although the CSW encourages proposers addressing the same issue to form a joint proposal before such proposal is posted at the CSW booth, as set forth in this guide).

Once the CSW has made its decisions, a CSW member attempts to notify each sponsor at the phone number indicated on the Cover Sheet, during a designated two-hour span on Friday evening. It is important for the sponsor to be available for the call. Cell phones sometimes don't work in convention facilities, so either cite a land line in addition to the more commonly cited cell phone number on the Cover Sheet, or ensure that you are in a location that has cell phone service during the two-hour call period.

The CSW's selection of a proposed AIW does not automatically place it on the Final Agenda
. At the Saturday morning plenary, an advocate for each of the selected proposed AIWs speaks for up to two minutes on its behalf. After all AIW proposers have made their presentations, delegates will vote by ballot for up to three AIWs that they would like to see added to the final agenda.  After the tellers count the ballots, the CSW chair will make a motion to add to the agenda the three proposed AIWs with the most votes.  A two-thirds vote of the delegates is required to admit a proposed AIW to the Final Agenda.

For each AIW admitted to the Final Agenda, there is a mini-assembly. Proposers will be strongly urged to attend these mini-assemblies and sit up front, available for questions of clarification. These mini-assemblies provide delegates with their only opportunity to submit amendments to the proposed AIWs. The mini-assemblies run concurrently after the Saturday morning plenary.

After the mini-assemblies, the CSW meets to determine which amendments to incorporate and prioritizes any unincorporated ones for possible adoption by the delegates in plenary. The amended AIWs are available to delegates through the CSW Alert before the plenary on Sunday at which delegates debate and vote on each proposed AIW. A two-thirds affirmative vote is required for adoption.

Proposed AIWs are not in competition with one another as are proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues. Each of the proposed AIWs admitted to the Final Agenda may be adopted or rejected by the delegates.

For additional help as you proceed, please contact the Commission on Social Witness at socialwitness [at] uua [dot] org. Through our social witness process, we work together so that the moral arc of the universe bends ever more closely toward justice.

What happens to an AIW after General Assembly?

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