What happens after the Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) filing deadline?
What happens after the Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) filing deadline?
Social Witness Process

The Commission on Social Witness (CSW) will review all proposed AIWs and apply the criteria cited to determine whether suggested AIWs meet the criteria. The CSW may combine two or more proposed AIWs on related subjects (although the CSW encourages proposers addressing the same issue to form a joint proposal before such proposal is posted at the CSW booth, as set forth in this guide).

As the CSW is committed to efforts through these statements to bend the moral arc of the universe toward justice, the CSW also works to ensure that the language of each proposed AIW is conducive to justice in terms of content and impact, from a variety of perspectives. Toward this, the CSW might request or implement minor revisions to a proposed AIW, or in some cases postpone moving a proposed AIW forward until the author has addressed the Commission’s concerns.

Once the CSW has determined that a suggested AIW meets the qualifying criteria, a CSW member will attempt to notify the sponsor of any suggested AIW deemed not to qualify, using the phone number indicated on the Cover Sheet prior to the Friday business session at GA.

The CSW's selection of a proposed AIW does not automatically place it on the Final Agenda. On Friday morning, the suggested AIWs the CSW deems appropriate for consideration by the delegates will be available for review both electronically and at the CSW booth in the Exhibit Hall.  At the Friday morning business session, the moderator will explain the process by which delegates may vote for AIWs they would like to see added to the final GA agenda for discussion and a vote of affirmation.   At the Saturday business session, a member of the CSW will make a motion to add to the Final Agenda the three (3) proposed AIWs that receive the most votes.  The proposer or a designated spokesperson (who must be a delegate) will have up to 2 minutes to argue for admitting each proposed AIW to the final agenda.  Delegates will vote separately to add each proposed AIW to the final agenda.  That requires a two-thirds (2/3) positive vote. 

Proposed AIWs added to the Final Agenda will then be discussed and voted on during the same Saturday business session. There will be time for 2-3 people to speak for or against affirming each proposed AIW. AIWs are not amendable.  The vote is either for or against the proposal as written.  Therefore, it is important that proposers are clear in their language and facts.   A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote is required for affirmation.

Proposed AIWs on the Final Agenda are not in competition with one another. Each of the proposed AIWs admitted to the Final Agenda may be affirmed or rejected by the delegates.

What happens to an AIW after General Assembly?

For more information contact socialwitness@uua.org.

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