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How do I submit my proposed Action of Immediate Witness (AIW)?
Social Witness Process

Get official forms and instructions at the Commission on Social Witness (CSW) Booth in the Exhibit Hall on the first days of General Assembly. The booth will have a check list of the deadlines and other instructions, as well as the official AIW "Cover Sheet" and "Petition Sheets." (Note: While a sample Cover Sheet may be available online, only the current official cover and petition sheets available at GA may be used, and signatures may not be gathered until GA has begun.)

“Pre-post” your proposed AIW topic on a flip chart at the CSW booth, along with your contact information. Check this site frequently before you finalize your proposed AIW text. The purpose is to permit proposers on similar topics to collaborate. Otherwise, the CSW will select from proposals on similar topics the proposal which best meets AIW criteria.

"Post" your proposed AIW at the CSW booth by 5 p.m. on the Thursday of General Assembly. That is, deliver to the CSW booth the text of your proposed AIW, with a Cover Sheet attached to the front. If you can, bring an electronic form of your documents. You will have access to a computer at the CSW Booth. (Do not attach signature lists to the copy of your proposed AIW that you turn in for posting.)

Gather your signatures—from delegates only! You must acquire at least 150 delegate signatures from at least 25 different congregations, representing at least five different districts. You are strongly encouraged to exceed the 150 signature requirement. The text of the AIW must be attached to each page of signatures.

"File" your proposed AIW at the General Assembly Office by 5 p.m. on the Friday of General Assembly. The filing copy must have a properly completed "Cover Sheet" on top, the text of the proposed AIW, and the "Petition Sheets" with the requisite number and distribution of signatures.

For additional help as you proceed, please contact the Commission on Social Witness at socialwitness [at] uua [dot] org. Through our social witness process, we work together so that the moral arc of the universe bends ever more closely toward justice.

What happens after the filing deadline?

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