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AIM Workshops
Workshops: Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM)
Disability & Accessibility

Education is one way a congregation can come together to engage on issues or topics that matter. Below are workshops that can introduce and develop a congregation's knowledge on issues related to accessibility and disability.

We have also included here links pages that should be reviewed before Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM) Team or other volunteers facilitate or lead an AIM workshop.

AIM Workshops for Congregation Leaders

​AIM Workshops for Adults and Youth

AIM Workshops for Children

AIM Workshops for Children

Gathering Feedback

Gathering feedback from facilitators and participants following a workshop can provide useful information that may impact planning for future workshops and projects.  Sharing this feedback with the AIM Program (aim [at] uua [dot] org) helps us to improve our workshops and other materials.

We have included here links to forms for the purpose of gathering feedback from workshops.

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