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AIM Requirements
Requirements for Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM)
Disability & Accessibility

Requirements to being certified as an Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM) Congregation are divided into three phases.

Phase I: Getting Started on the Program

  • Set up a local AIM Team 
  • Get congregational approval
  • Provide contact and congregational information to AIM Administrator

Phase II: Conducting Assessments and Creating Your AIM Plan

  • Conduct two AIM assessments: one for accessibility and one for inclusion
  • Set AIM priorities
  • Create your AIM Plan
    • Four workshops, with at least one being intergenerational
    • At least one annual worship service a year focusing on disabilities
    • Make your congregational website welcoming to people with disabilities. For guidelines, please visit Welcoming Website.
    • Eight projects:
      • Two focused on accessibility priorities
      • Three focused on inclusion priorities
      • One social justice project focusing on disability rights
      • Two others of your choice
  • Document your AIM Plan and submit it to the AIM Administrator 

Phase III: Implementing your AIM Plan

  • Complete all activities in your AIM Plan
  • Conduct another set of AIM Assessments for accessibility and inclusion
  • Put accessibility information on your website
  • Take congregational vote to be known as an AIM Congregation
  • Request AIM Certification from the AIM Coordinating Committee

See AIM Certification Process for detailed requirements and forms for each phase.


Certification lasts for a period of three years. Recertification is based on evidence of continued congregational commitment to the principles and purpose of the AIM Program

Requirements for recertification include:

  • Providing an update twice a year
  • Completing projects and activities underway at the time of certification
  • An annual worship service on a disability-related theme
  • A minimum of one inclusion, social justice, and accessibility project
  • A minimum of three workshops, taken from AIM Program Workshops
  • A reassessment, completed within the last six months of the three-year certification period
  • A summary of new priorities, generated from the reassessment within the last six months of the three-year certification period

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