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Choosing a Social Justice Issue
Choosing a Social Justice Issue
Disability & Accessibility

There is a large number of issues today that affect the rights and lives of people with disabilities (see Issues Affecting People with Disabilities). With so many issues, it can be challenging to pick a place to get involved. Many congregations will not already have links to the local disability activist community. Here are a few ideas that might help get you started.

National Issues

Issues that are receiving national coverage often present opportunities to lobby your representatives, and may present other opportunities to get involved. See the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund or the American Civil Liberty Union's (ACLU’s) work on Disability Rights.

Active Issues in Your State

One way to find out is to consult your state’s Protection & Advocacy organization. By law, every state has one. See the National Disability Rights Network.

You might also contact your local Center for Independent Living. They often know of current issues.

Existing Area of Interest

Many issues that congregations are already engaging also affect people with disabilities disproportionately, for example mass-incarceration, economic inequality, or reproductive justice.

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