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Accessibility Info on Your Website
Accessibility Info on Your Website
Disability & Accessibility

Your Congregation's Website: Communicating Inclusion

One of the easiest and often the clearest means of communicating to people with disabilities that your congregation strives to be inclusive is to prominently alert people to your efforts to be accessible.  Making the congregation’s website welcoming to people with disabilities is a requirement to being certified as an Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM) congregation.  For guidelines, please visit Welcoming Websites.

Website accessibility is a technical fix to a website that allows people who use assistive technology to access the information.  Some congregations may opt to have website accessibility as an Accessibility Project on their AIM Plan, but it is not currently a program requirement.  If your congregation has a website guru who can work on making your website functionally more accessible, here is a link to some guidelines.

Examples of Welcoming and Accessible Websites

For an example of a congregation that has a website that is both welcoming and accessible to screen readers, please visit:

Examples of Welcoming Websites

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