Unitarian Universalist Association

Trans, Nonbinary+ Lives and Democracy are at Risk: UUs Unequivocally Defend Justice

In responding to recent attacks on trans and nonbinary+ people, the UUA calls out the dangerous anti-democratic practices being used to silence dissent. We pledge our continued commitment to protect peoples' right to feel safe expressing their identity and to defend democratic institutions.

Unequivocally Defend Justice

General Assembly: The UUA's Annual Meeting

Join us June 21-25 online or in-person in Pittsburgh, PA for General Assembly, the annual meeting of Unitarian Universalists. This is an historic year in our living tradition, where we will elect a new UUA President and vote on new language to reflect UU values.

General Assembly 2023

Blessing for Love and Solidarity with Trans and Nonbinary People

In partnership with Foothills Unitarian Church, Side With Love offers this short blessing for all our siblings being targeted by transphobia and hate, and for everyone living out our faith by organizing, advocating, and mobilizing for justice.

Watch it on Vimeo.

Voting is Open for UUA Elections

Voting for the next UUA President, as well as for the open positions on several UUA elected committees, is now live through the delegate platform. Elections are essential to the democratic process that is at the center of our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition.

UUA Elections

Side With Love Action Center

When we ground our spirits, grow our skills, and act strategically for justice in deep relationship with each other and our movements, we choose to Side With Love. The Action Center is a place where we unite in work towards a world where we all thrive.

Take Action

We Heal Together

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