Unitarian Universalist Association

Letter from Church-Based Leaders to President Biden

UUA President Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt has joined religious leaders from a variety of faith traditions to call on President Biden to support an immediate ceasefire and return of hostages, de-escalation, and restraint by all involved in the violence between Hamas and Israel.

Religious Leaders Urge Ceasefire

UUA Statement on the Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza and Israel

The UUA joins the chorus of voices urging a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza, the admittance of humanitarian aid, and the restoration of power and water to Gaza to prevent the further loss of life.

Humanitarian Catastrophe

Glad Tidings in this Season of Peace

The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt shares glad tidings on behalf of the UUA and a prayer for Unitarian Universalists that this holiday season will be a time for family, healing, recommitment, and dedication to the things that bring joy and meaning to our lives.

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Letters Can Help Shift Hearts and Minds in Your Community and State

By Jeff Milchen

The UUA's Side With Love team offers a variety of tools to help with public communication in the name of justice.

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2023-24 Common Read: “On Repentance and Repair”

Find wisdom on accountability in Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg’s book for people of all faiths. Check out discussion materials for UU groups and buy the book from inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop.

Repentance and Repair

Join the Trans and Nonbinary+ Pastoral Group Online

The UUA's UPLIFT team for LGBTQIA+ and gender justice offers an online meeting space for folx who identify as trans and nonbinary+ to gather for pastoral small group engagement. You need not be a Unitarian Universalist to attend.

Trans/Nonbinary+ Pastoral Space

Homeland of My Body

A rich, accomplised, intensely intimate collection with two full sections of new poems bookending Blanco’s selections from his five previous volumes Available for Preorder!

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