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Weekly Inspiration

Kindling the Spirit

What if we encouraged and celebrated each other for who we are? What if, instead of criticizing, we challenged with love, affirming the good we see in one another?


Thrive! in August with other UU young adults of color

Come together to grow in resilience, leadership, faith, and community as UU young adults of color in New Orleans, Aug. 31-Sept. 2. Some space is still available; contact


Five Practices of Welcome Renewal

Welcome isn’t a one-and-done activity. It’s an ongoing, intentional practice of service, worship, education, partnership, and advocacy. Last year, UUA LGBTQ Ministries responded to feedback about the Welcoming Congregation renewal process and shifted from a one-time renewal to an annual practice of reflection and review. We call this our Five Practices of Welcome Renewal. Beginning in 2020, all Welcoming Congregations will need to engage with the Five Practices of Welcome Renewal in order to remain current in the program.

Create Climate Justice with Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

Create Climate Justice with Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, President of the UUA, delivers a compelling message about what Unitarian Universalists are doing to create climate justice. The UUA and UU's advocate for climate justice following the leadership of most impacted communities doing frontline climate justice work. Create Climate Justice is a community organizing hub for UU Climate Activists. Create Climate Justice Net was created to give UU climate and environmental justice activists and coalition partners a valuable tool for education, collaboration, and organizing. It is a joint initiative of the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth, Unitarian Universalist Association Green Sanctuary Program, and UU-United Nations Office. 

UU World Magazine

Nothing we do will be perfect

To work for justice, religious liberals should let perfectionism go.

UUA News

UUA Appoints Rev. Ashley Horan as Organizing Strategy Director

The Organizing Director is called to strengthen the resilience of Unitarian Universalists, to organize for justice, and express our faith through action.

Leadership Resources

Registration is Open for Fall Online Courses

Effective Leadership Development teams focus on recruiting and relationship building. With our online courses, your Congregational Life Staff provides the content so you can provide the connections using the activities and discussion questions provided.

Featured Book

Goodness Gracious A Gratitude Book for Children

Help children cultivate a practice of gratitude and a sense of wonder for the world around them.