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Weekly Inspiration

Leveling Up

With a single generous gesture from my older child, her sister's belief in Santa stayed intact that year.

Young Adult Spiritual Life

Become Your Best Spiritual Self!

Life can be really hard. Life can be really wonderful. And our faith should be there for these times, even when our faith communities might not be. ...


#VoteLove, #Defeat Hate, & #UUtheVote in 2020!

Our religious community must speak with moral courage and act with prophetic clarity and determination in the 2020 electoral cycle. Our UU values of interdependence, democracy, and the inherent worth and dignity of all people are direct antidotes to the fear, bigotry, and inequity that define our world. In this political moment, UUs are called to join forces with all people who want to organize our communities and our nation to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate. Let’s UU the Vote in 2020!

UUA Holiday Message featuring Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

UUA Holiday Message featuring Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

“I believe that as we light candles, sing songs, and recall the stories of our sacred texts, we are teaching our hearts and our bodies how to hold on to the same resilience that has saved people from disconnection and despair for centuries.”
Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, shares a blessing for the holiday season.

UU World Magazine

Nothing we do will be perfect

To work for justice, religious liberals should let perfectionism go.

UUA News

Human Rights Day Discussion Guide

In celebration of Human Rights Day, we offer a new resource that invites congregations into a rich discussion around questions of cross-cultural engagement and how identity plays into local organizing.

Leadership Resources

On-Line Course for Intercultural Competency

How do we interact across difference in a way that promotes diversity, inclusion and equity in our congregations? Beth Zemsky shares how we can use a tool called the Intercultural Development Continuum. You can use these course materials as an individual or in a classroom format.

Featured Book

My Heart Fills with Happiness

This beautiful board book serves as a reminder for little ones and adults alike to reflect on and cherish the moments in life that bring us joy