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Weekly Inspiration

God Manifest

I saw a woman surrounded by the pressures to conform to adulthood, being the adult she always wanted to be when she was a child. She was as God made her, not who everyone else wanted her to be.


The UUA Condemns Trump's National Emergency Declaration for Border Wall

“This administration is targeting the most marginalized and at risk people for political gain,” said UUA president, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray.


Love Resists By Building from the Ground Up

Organizing for a local win isn't something that just big congregations can do. Small congregations can do so as well. This is our congregation's story.

Announcement of the 2019 General Assembly Ware Lecturer: Richard Blanco

Announcement of the 2019 General Assembly Ware Lecturer: Richard Blanco

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray announces the 2019 General Assembly Ware Lecturer: Richard Blanco.

UU News

UU Principles and Sources, now in more languages

The Unitarian Universalist Association’s key affirmations have been translated into Spanish, French, Farsi, and Thai.

Leadership Training

Staffing for Diversity

Learn emerging practices about hiring and working with diverse teams.

Featured Book

Justice on Earth People of Faith Working at the Intersections of Race, Class, and the Environment

Fourteen activist ministers and lay leaders apply a keen intersectional analysis to the environmental crisis, revealing ways that systems of oppression intersect with and contribute to ecological devastation.