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Youth Caucus Worship Coordinators 2016

GA 2016 Worship Coordinators Rhea Brown-Bright and Colleen Lee

Apply to For Youth Caucus Staff! Deadline December 1st
Leading the General Assembly Youth Caucus
Faith Development, High School-Aged Youth Faith Development

What Is Youth Caucus Staff?

The General Assembly (GA) Youth Caucus is led by a team of youth and adult volunteers who shape the programming that GA youth attendees experience and connect them to the larger experience of GA.

Youth Caucus staff are passionate, enthusiastic, creative youth and adults creating a welcoming, inclusive and exciting Youth Caucus at the 2018 General Assembly in Kansas City, MO on June 20-24. 

Dean of Youth Caucus Staff

Youth Caucus Deans are the leaders of the volunteer Youth Caucus Staff. They work with the Youth Caucus staff to fulfill the purpose of Youth Caucus, which is to deepen our collective Unitarian Universalist spirituality and help youth make an impact on the our association through General Assembly.

All expenses, including travel, meals, housing and registration at all meetings, including the two GAs during which they serve, are paid for by the Unitarian Universalist Association. 

The Deans choose and coordinate programming, select additional staff, facilitate meetings, collaborate with adult leaders across the Association and make Youth Caucus the best it can be. Youth Caucus is a great opportunity for youth from across the country to meet, learn, and have fun together.

The application process for this two-year position opens in July immediately following GA and the position is selected in August.

Youth Caucus Staff Positions

The application process for all other GA Youth Caucus staff positions opens in October and positions are selected in December.

Youth Positions

Worship Coordinator—1 youth—two-year position (two GAs)

Chaplains—2 youth—one-year position

  • Provide support and a listening ear for youth
  • Partner with the GA Chaplains and Right Relationship Team to ensure youth caucus attendees receive appropriate pastoral care.

Business Manager—1 youth—two-year position (two GAs)

  • Partner with the Commission on Social Witness and Board of Trustees to help Youth Caucus understand and impact the business of GA
  • Provide support for and receive feedback from individual youth delegates regarding the business of GA.

Connections Coordinator—2 youth—one-year position

  • Encourage multigenerational connections
  • Manages team of youth leaders who create a welcoming and inclusive GA and coordinates small group connections for youth caucus participants

Applicants must be high school students for both years of their term (or the equivalent for home-schooled youth), i.e.: for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic school years to serve during the 2018 and 2019 GAs.

Previous attendance at General Assembly is strongly recommended but not required.

Experience with multigenerational leadership teams is highly desired.

Adult Positions

Chaplains—2 adults, 25 years old or older—one-year position

  • Partner with GA Chaplains to provide support and a listening ear for youth
  • Advise and support the youth chaplains
  • Support the self care and spiritual well being of Youth Caucus staff

Advisor/Sponsor Coordinator—3 adults, 25 years old or older—one-year position

  • Share leadership responsibilities, mentor and encourage accountability for youth caucus staff teams  
  • Partner with youth staff to maintain the safety of the Youth Caucus space and help make it welcoming for adults
  • Support adult sponsors by setting clear expectations for their role at GA, co-leading the mandatory sponsor orientation and fielding sponsors’ questions and concerns 

Applicants must be 25 years or older for their whole term.

Previous attendance at General Assembly is strongly recommended but not required.

Experience with multigenerational leadership teams is highly desired.

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