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Claiming a Larger Ministry
by Jeanne Lloyd ... community ministry, STARS tutoring and Washington School tutoring, our participation in the same-sex marriage movement, our participation in the Manchester Area Conference of Churches, donating food to ...

2012 Stewardship Sermon Award "The Infinite Enlargement of the Heart"
by James (Jay) C. Leach ... controversial, countercultural message we offer in our particular liberal religion may not be about marriage equality or economic justice or environmental activism or any other of our social stances as ...

How Shall We Be Healed?
by Wayne B. Arnason ... mind, and spirit of the one who is sick; it becomes a systemic disease that infects and disrupts a marriage, a family system, a community. Illness affects the wholeness of who we are, and this wholeness ...

Holding Fast
by Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson ... challenge, some want of ours is beyond our grasp. Even when the job just wasn’t right for us, or the marriage just wasn’t good for either of us, or that dream that we were following took us ...

With Faith and Fortitude
by Lisa Ward ... multicultural reality of Hawaii, middle America Kansas, urban Illinois, African-American culture by choice and marriage and interracial tensions by birth. We have welcomed a president who is recognized ...

MLK Jr.: Lessons in Leadership
by Anthony David ... inauguration, and both decisions, frankly, have been enormously controversial. Warren doesn't just oppose gay marriage, he's compared it to incest and pedophilia. He doesn't just want to ban abortion, ...

A Sermonic Letter to My Church to Commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday
by Melissa Carvill-Ziemer ... letters on various subjects in their January issue. Incidentally, the letter they published on gay marriage is by the Rev. Bill Sinkford, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association and one of ...

Dear Mr. President
by Bruce Clear ... Anglican Communion. You also bring the prayers of evangelical leader Rick Warren, whose stand against gay marriage in California was at odds with your views, but who is willing to support your pledge ...

by John L Young ... had a name too much like the most famous terrorist; he was the product of a short-lived, bi-racial marriage, raised mostly in Hawaii by white grandparents and in Muslim Indonesia. He had admitted in print ...


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