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by Tamara Lebak In gatheringIn the fallIn the churchIn the quietIn the noiseIn thoughtIn the spiritIn anticipationIn calmIn the beginningIn the endIn transitionIn gratitudeIn hopeIn loveIn faithIn unisonIngathering.

Chalice Lighting for Water Communion
by Laura Horton-Ludwig Fire and water, ancient oppositesSun and ocean, the cradle of lifeDancing flame and dancing river—We invoke them together todayAs we kindle our chalice flame.

A Chalice Lighting for Ingathering
by Janet Parsons The flame of our chalice this morningIs a symbol of the warmth and brightnessOf our connections.The flame lights our way back together againFrom our separate summer lives, andIt lights our way forwardInto ...

A Ritual for Ingathering Water Communion Services: With an international focus
by Eric M. Cherry Many Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations follow an annual Ingathering tradition on the first Sunday after Labor Day that includes a Water Communion/Ceremony ritual. Specific traditions vary widely, ...

We create a web of life.
by Sarah Lammert ... you travel light. Out of that, you can step forward. We create a web of life. Let every encounter be a homecoming as we step forward now for the healing of our world. The world is not going to be saved ...

Meditation for Beginning
by Judith L. Quarles Spirit of life and love:In this season of beginning    Some of us are hurried and harried.    Some of us feel sorrowful and afraid.    Some of ...

Special Ingathering Ritual with Calling of Directions
by Jane Altman Page I invite you to join me in a special ingathering ritual in which we will gather in energy and love from all directions.Your responsive call is the “Gathered Here” chant. Some of you will participate ...

What Will You Bring to the Feast?
by Erika Hewitt ... welcomes congregants and visitors.LEADER: Now that we’ve greeted each other, we enter into our annual ingathering service: We symbolize our coming together after a summer of traveling and rest; ...

The Happy Accident
by Carie J. Johnsen ... arrived at the inn (if you will), they entered the sanctuary, received an Order of Service and joined the ingathering of members in the pews. The tourist, strangers now among many, settled into their ...

Standing on the Side of Love
by Lisa Friedman ... Universalist heritage which consistently urges us to choose love over hate and fear.As I thought about this homecoming Sunday, I thought of the ways in which this congregation has chosen to stand on the ...

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

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