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Meditation on the Equinox
by Thomas Rhodes Over our heads, the great wheel of stars shifts, the autumnal (or spring) equinox manifests itself, and for one precious instant darkness and lightexist in balanced proportion to one another.Within our ...

Easter and Ostara
by Adrianne Ross ... look forward to longer and longer days. The popular legend about balancing eggs on their end at the equinox is always a fun experiment. I have successfully done this within minutes of the equinox itself, ...

Autumn Prayer
by Christine C. Robinson God of the Autumn, help us to livewith the grace of falling leavesthe enthusiasm of the flaming Aspenswith the serenity of the old trees, whose roots reach deep into the earth.God of the Autumn, help us ...

A Springtime Prayer
by George A. Tyger O' power of springtime,Spirit of green grassesand warm breezes;Goddess of creativityof birthof life renewedYou sing all about us at this time.The birds call your sacred name.Buds burst forth with your ...

Fall Equinox
by Austin Putman Overview: Harvest, Balance, and Mulching for SpringTheme or Background: Equinox/Harvest TimeMaterials involved: Apples for folks to share, paper leaf cutouts, pens, bowl of water, bell or gongDetails: ...

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