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We are here that we might have life
by John C. Morgan We are here that we might have lifeand have it more abundantly,so that we might share it with others.Come, let us join togetheras a generous people.

Prayer for Canvass Sunday
by Victoria Weinstein In the spirit of the Prophet Amos, the Unitarian minister A. Powell Davies prayed, "Help us to remember, O God, that from those to whom much has been given, much is expected."Let us join our hearts and ...

The Offering as Pastoral Ministry
by Victoria Weinstein Every week in our church we take up an offering. It's good to remind ourselves from time to time that the offering is symbolic as well as practical. We know that it is through pledges that we build our ...

Love in the Open
by Sara Campbell ... ceremony and the reception, supported me. We didn’t lose money, in spite of the fact that the Canvass Chair lowered his pledge.Kayla and Karen, by the way, commuted out to Southold from New York ...

Everything is Possible
by Peter Friedrichs ... money. Our closing hymn is…The task of writing what’s commonly called the “annual Canvass sermon” or what is sometimes referred to as “the sermon on the amount” is ...

Stand By This Faith
by Naomi King ... community, and gave what money they could afford to give or raised it from others who could give. It’s canvass time, when you’re thinking about your pledging and what you want from this Unitarian ...

The Shoemaker’s Window
by Patrick T O'Neill ... of years.I want to tell you another story about generosity this morning, one that I shared with the canvass committee the other night. As you might guess from my name, I was not a born and raised Unitarian ...

Going It Alone
by David R. Weissbard ... ethical conduct. Other Services The UUA also provides congregations with consultant services, like the Canvass Consultant who helped us so much two years ago at a price much lower than we would have paid ...

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

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