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Meditation for the Sunday near the Yom Kippur
by Elizabeth M. Strong Please join with me in the spirit of meditation and prayer.We have returned again to the time of Atonement, the time to look back over our lives this past year and face the realities of when we have fallen ...

Chalice Lighting for Yom Kippur
by Vanessa Southern We light our chalice, symbol of our faith,For truth, sought through a questioning heart and an attentive mind;And for love, pursued through obstacles inside and outside our own human heart;And for forgiveness, ...

Candle Meditation for the High Holy Days
by Christine C. Robinson Introduction: In our time of meditation this morning, we are going to continue to work on the issue of forgiveness. I invite you to continue to hold in your mind and heart, the situation of hurt that you ...

Meditation on Forgiveness (a ritual for Yom Kippur)
by Jay E. Abernathy, Jr. Note: This ritual involves writing grievances on a piece of paper and casting them into a flame.All our lives we have been told to seek that which is good, to turn our faces from the dark and toward the ...

Standing on the Side of Love: A Sermon for Yom Kippur
by James Ishmael Ford Leonard Cohen sings to us there’s “a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” I believe this is one of the most important insights we can have. And so, today I want to ...

A Prayer for Peace in the Middle East
by Marie E. deYoung How is it that human beings can be so alike—sons and daughters of the same prophet Abraham—and yet, so filled with hate towards each other.How is it that human beings can garner weapons, sway ...

Have You Got Humanity Fatigue?
by Scott Alexander Author's note: The following is excerpted from a sermon I preached at the Fountain Street Church, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on January 8, 1995. While it addresses issues that I believe are currently of ...

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

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