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Good Friday
by Elizabeth Tarbox I was working with a group of young people at a Safe Schools conference in Boston. They were discussing how to tell their parents they were gay or lesbian. Many of them had suffered harassment, brutality, ...

The Good Fridays of Our Lives
by Andrew Pakula The Good Fridays of our lives come unbidden and unexpected Bringing the winter of despair and the death of dreams and hope Only love has the power to mend what has been broken A love that brings healing ...

Now, in shared quietness,
by Anne E. Treadwell Now, in shared quietness, we shall listen to the wisdom of our inner hearts and minds as we join in meditation. Let us be mindful of this special time, as again the feast of unleavened bread draws nigh, ...

Let the Alleluias Rise Up
by Ellen Cooper Every year, the same conundrum: How do we find our way into Easter when, for us, the most important part about Jesus of Nazareth is his teachings, rather than his death? Like many traditional holidays, ...

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

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