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I pledge allegiance to the earth on which I stand,
by Vern Barnet I pledge allegiance to the earth on which I stand,and to the environment of which I am a part,one planet in a Process, with soil, water and air like one body,indivisible, with resources to be cherished ...

Meditation for Mother's Day
by Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz This is the kind of God I could worship: a heavenly Mother who prefers imitation to adoration, and who sees in all Creation the indivisible smiles of Her children. Our Mother, Holy Wisdom, draws one breath ...

by Max Kapp Often I have felt that I must praise my worldFor what my eyes and ears have seen these many years,And what my heart has loved.And often I have tried to start my lines:“Dear earth,” I say,And ...

I pledge allegiance to the earth and all life
by Vern Barnet I pledge allegiance to the earth and all life:the fields and streams, the mountains and seas,the forests and deserts, the air and soil,all species and reserves, habitats and environments;one world, one ...

Beatitudes for Earth Sunday
by Richard S. Gilbert Blessed are the heavens,for they declare the power of creation.Blessed is the earth, our beloved home,for she is a planet of plenitude.Blessed are the waters thereon,for they gave rise to living things.Blessed ...

We gather here to seek unity of spirit
by John C. Morgan We gather here to seek unity of spirit in the midst of diversity,to heal the wounded and confront the oppressor,to instill joy and confidence in our children,to grow in mind, body, and spirit ourselves,and ...

O divine source of love,
by Judy Welles O divine source of love, we thank you for the countless ways you make yourself known to us.O deep lap, we feel supported by your firm strength under us. Yielding yet solid, you are utterly reliable; you ...

This Is How We Are Called
by Kimberley Beyer-Nelson In the hours before the birdsstream airbornewith chiming voice,a silent breath rests in the pines,and upholds the surface of the lakeas if it were a fragile bubblein the very hand of God.And I think,this ...

Earth Day Prayer: In the Spirit of Indigenous Traditions
by Vern Barnet Infinite Spirit, sometimes called Grandfather, Grandmother —Father Sky, Earth Mother, Creator:We gather to praise your creation,to honor the swimmers and crawlers,the four-leggeds and the winged ...

Praise the sun, the moon, the stars
by Kathy A. Huff Praise the sun, the moon, the stars, Praise the ant, the tree, the shining leaf. Praise every child large and small, Praise the one within us all. Praise the swimmers, crawlers, and creepers. Praise the ...

Earth Day in Urgent Times
by Tracey Robinson-Harris There is something different about this Earth Day.Maybe it's just me, immersed in the bad news. There's been an abundant plenty of it in the last several weeks.The population of Chinstrap penguins is declining ...

A Playful Mystery Play for Four Voices
by Thomas Rhodes Reader 1: Once upon a timeReader 2: A long time agoReader 3: A very, very long time  agoReader 4: Like, before your parents were even bornReader 1: There was a Mystery.Reader 2: She was a great Mystery.Reader ...

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

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