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Responsive Blessing of the Animals
by Christine C. Robinson ... harm, to thank them when we use their lives for ours. Especially this morning, spirit of life, bless these animals who are the companions of our lives. Hear our outpouring of love and gratitude for them ...

We Give Thanks For The Animals
by Gary Kowalski ... they doAt one with the turning seasons,Welcoming the sunrise and at peace with sunset.And as we hallow the memory of good friends now departed,Who loved abundantly and in their time were loved,Who freely ...

A Blessing of the Animals
by Katherine A. Jesch ... of the Animals, it is customary for members of the congregation to bring their animal companions with them to the service. If they cannot bring their animal friend with them, encourage them to bring a ...

Animal Blessing
by Tracy Sprowls-Jenks ... that we are all a part of an interconnected web of existence is the underlying motivation for many of these services.Before we begin, let me expand your understand of the word blessing. A blessing is ...

Blessing of the Animals -- St. Francis Day
by Thomas Rhodes ... the full results of our actions.You Worms of the Earth,Ants, Beetles, Spiders and CentipedesYou are the essential but oft-forgotten strand in nature’s web.Through you the cycle is complete;through ...

Opening Words for a Blessing of the Animals
by Susan Karlson ... are part of one family sharing one planet.May our celebration bring us into a deeper relationshipWith the diverse beings in the interdependent web of all life,Remembering we all have common needsFor safety, ...

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Last updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

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