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Here in this sanctuary of ancient dreams and wisdom and beauty we come to grow, to be healed, to stretch mind and heart, to be challenged, renewed; to be helped in our own continuing struggles for meaning and for love; to help build a world with more justice and mercy in it; to be counted among the hopers and doers.

In the face of cynicism, darkness, brutality around us and within, we seek to align ourselves with a living community that would affirm rather than despair, that would think and act rather than simply adjust and succumb.

Here we invite the spirit of our own humanity and the healing powers under, around, through and beyond it, to give us the nerve and grace, the toughness and sensitivity, to search out the truth that frees, and the life that maketh all things new.

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  • The Rev. Dr. Jack Mendelsohn (1918–2012) was minister emeritus of the First Parish in Bedford, Massachusetts, which he served from 1979 to 1988. He was the thirteenth senior minister of the Arlington Street Church in Boston (1959–1969), when the church was prominent for its...

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