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Imagine yourself on a wide, flowing river in a small boat,

You are one little speck of being in a wide expanse of water bordered by rocky cliffs, towering trees and bright blue skies.

Ahead of you are boulders and white water rapids, but also calm pools and sand bars for picnics.

Around you are other little specks of being—each one a person isolated in their own small boat—just like you.

But together, all of you form a flotilla and you will journey down the river together,

Guiding each other around the boulders, rescuing each other out of the white water,

Enjoying the calm of the still pools and picnics on the sand bars.

May your journey through life be the same, surrounded by friends and loved ones who will sustain you through the hard times and rejoice with you in the good times, until you reach the shore.

Blessed be.

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Susan Enzweiler

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