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The Web of Life

There is a living web that runs through us

To all the universe

Linking us each with each and through all life

On to the distant stars.

Each knows a little corner of the world, and lives

As if this were his all.

We no more see the farther reaches of the threads

Than we see of the future, yet they're there.

Touch but one thread, no matter which;

The thoughtful eye may trace to distant lands

Its firm continuing strand, yet lose its filaments as they reach out,

But find at last it coming back to him from whom it led.

We move as in a fog, aware of self

But only dimly conscious of the rest

As they are close to us in sight or feeling.

New objects loom up for a time, fade in and out;

Then, sometimes, as we look on unawares, the fog lifts

And then there's the web in shimmering beauty,

Reaching past all horizons. We catch our breath;

Stretch out our eager hands, and then

In comes the fog again, and we go on,

Feeling a little foolish, doubting what we had seen.

The hands were right. The web is real.

Our folly is that we so soon forget.Source: Kathleen Montgomery, ed. Day of Promise: Collected Meditations, Vol. 1 (Skinner House Books, 2001).

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