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Some Wishes For You

I wish for you a troubled heart at times

As woes of world and friend come close beside

And keep you sleepless.

I wish for you the thrill of knowing

Who you are,

Where you stand,

And why.

Especially why.

Not prosperity, but dreams I wish for you;

Not riches, but a sense of your own worth I wish

For you.

Not even long life, however proud we'd be to have it so.

But life that is crammed with living,

Hour by hour.

And love I wish for you;

May you give it frequently.

I wish for you solitude in the midst of company,

And a mind full of company within your quiet times.

Full todays I wish for you, and full tomorrows.Source: Kathleen Montgomery, ed. Day of Promise: Collected Meditations, Vol. 1 (Skinner House Books, 2001).

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