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To the God above God we turn our thoughts in meditation.

To the God above the god of any single nation,
     who unites the people of the world
         in the bonds of kinship and peace;

To the God above the god of any single ideology,
     who knows that one human life
         is more valuable than all the systems in the world;

To the God above the god of any single religion,
     whose goodness and inspiration
         are the possession of people of all faiths;

To the God above God
     who brings humility to our minds
         and reverence to our hearts --

We dedicate ourselves in work and in prayer.

About the Author

Gary Kowalski

Gary Kowalski

The Rev. Gary Kowalski is a Unitarian Universalist minister and author of many books, including Revolutionary Spirits, Science and the Search for God, and The Bible According to Noah. He served congregations in Vermont, Washington, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and New Mexico.

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