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I Do Not Like the "I Hate It" Feeling

I do not like the "I hate it" feeling, but I have it.

I hate it that there are too many good people who allow the ways and works of violence to continue;

I hate it that too many people who know better simply talk and pray about justice and then believe that they have thus fulfilled the requirements of justice;

I hate it that the world seems to be top-heavy with people who seek to serve themselves with pleasure that demeans human nature, with activities that waste their potential;

I hate it that there are too few who strive to stay free from the pressure to conform, free from the mediocrity of compromise, free from the tyranny of approval.

I would be delivered from all this evasion and blindness, apathy and self-service.

Because I live in this world, it is my world, in my time. I must fully realize what that means to me and to the world as I touch it.

I will then let my hate for all that spoils the beauty of the earth, all that diminishes the life of the world, move me to thought and effort that celebrate and promote peace, that honor and serve justice.

Damned be conformity and compromise and approval I should not even begin to seek, hold, desire.

Yes, I do not like the "I hate it" feeling, but if I must have it, I will use it to move my mind and heart where they can do the most good.

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