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Veterans Day Invocation

Father God, Mother God, God of many names and of none, we invite your presence; be with us this morning.

Be with us as we honor our veterans of wartime; teach us how to care for those who have borne arms in our names.

Be with us as we honor our veterans of peacetime; teach us to care for all who step forward even without the certainty that all will remain calm.

Spirit of Love, war is never holy. Help us to remember that each of those who are called to service is a beloved soul. Be with us as we strive to create a community that is good and safe enough to welcome them home. Help their souls to heal, that they may know themselves to be both holy and whole.

Amen; so may it be.

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Wren Bellavance-Grace

The focus of Wren's work in New England is the support of small churches, those with under 100 - 120 or so members. More than half of all Unitarian Universalist churches in New England are small by this measure, but they are mighty in spirit, rich in history, and represent a great hope for the...

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