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Spirit of the Harvest

Spirit of the Harvest

Each of us will be grateful this Thanksgiving in differing ways,

Gathered in our separate families,

Each with our own distinct recipes, customs and traditions;

For some will have pies of mince,

And others of pumpkin or apple;

And some will dine early

And some sit down late to the meal,

Passing on the wisdom of the elders

As to the question of whether the stuffing

Should have raisins or currants,

And whether to add sage to the gravy.

For such differences of opinion,

Make us truly appreciative,

Realizing that as there is no one right way

To celebrate the gifts of life,

So there is no wrong way

To share in love or friendship.

But amid our diversity,

Let us also be united

In our gratitude

For a world in which there are many faiths,

A nation in which there is freedom of worship,

A community in which people of many backgrounds

Can gather in mutual care and respect.


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