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Singing the Journey Contributor Biographies


Page, Nick (b. 1952)

Nick is a Boston based song leader, composer, writer, and workshop leader. He has brought the house down at several Unitarian Unversalist General Assemblies (GA's) including Salt Lake City and Calgary. He led the first GA Children’s Choir in Nashville and brought tears to everyone’s eyes with a poignant song called Courage about a girl who decides to change the world, but realizes this courage has to begin with her school and her home. Nick’s riveting style of song leading captivates people of all ages and musical backgrounds including the ardent non-singers (who find themselves joining in most often simply because it’s not about performance or making judgments—it’s about compassion and celebration.)

In addition to his song leading, Nick is a composer with choral music published by Boosey & Hawkes and World Music Press. He is an educator and writer who is dedicated to teaching people of all ages that they are capable of great miracles through the simple, yet powerful, act of singing. His book Sing and Shine On, An Innovative Guide to Leading Multicultural Song is published by World Music Press, and his book Music As a Way of Knowing, which is part of a series of books on how to use the arts to teach all subjects, is published by Stenhouse. Nick directs the two hundred voice Mystic Chorale of Boston. His website is a good resource for those interested in multicultural music.

Palmer, Phillip (b. 1980)

Phillip received his Bachelor of Music Degree from the Eastman School of Music, where he studied music theory, piano, bassoon, composition, and conducting. He currently lives in New York City and is music director at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County. Though he strongly agrees with the principles espoused by Unitarian Universalism, he does not like to refer to himself as a Unitarian Universalist because he feels that such categorization, in the case of religion and other similar sources of partitioning, creates inaccurate and detrimental divisions between people.

Peck, Susan (b. 1960)

Susan is the Music Director at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis, OR. She teaches piano and general music courses at Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College.

Penfold, Nita (b. 1950)

Nita received her Doctorate in Ministry from UCS (Matthew Fox’s Wisdom School, CA) in 2002 and served as a Unitarian Universalist director of religious education for sixteen years. Currently, she teaches as adjunct faculty at Andover Newton Theological School. She is also a published poet and editor of Hunger Enough: Living Spiritually in a Consumer Society as well as an exhibiting mixed media artist.

Perkins, Wendy Luella (b. 1966)

Wendy was born in Halifax Nova Scotia and has lived in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Ontario. Wendy was ordained to the Unitarian Universalist ministry in 1999. She has worked as a parish minister and now consults to congregations in Canada and the United States to help nurture healthy and vital religious communities. Wendy, a lifelong singer, enjoys exploring the interplay between singing and spirituality. She leads a weekly "Soulful Singing" group in Kingston and offers singing workshops and retreats far and wide. Soulful Singing is an approach to group singing that celebrates each voice and focuses on breathing, listening, and embodying to create music in and for the moment. Soulful Singing is meditative, improvisational, playful, and inspirational.

Wendy lives in Kingston, Ontario, (on the north shore of Lake Ontario) with her companion, Charlie Walker, who is an organist and choir director for a United Church of Canada congregation. She loves to garden organically, write funky-folky songs and chants, cook and eat vegan, and live with as much awakeness as possible. She has two adult stepchildren, Jeremy and Steph who both live in Vancouver. If you are interested in Wendy's singing retreats, workshops, or any of her other compositions, please contact her at

Poley, Joyce (b. 1941)

Joyce is a Unitarian Universalist singer/songwriter who has been featured at many General Assemblies, District conferences, Unitarian Universalist retreats and summer camps. Based in Vancouver, Canada, she has traveled extensively throughout both Canada and the United States presenting workshops and worship services that focus on congregational singing and its importance to the worship experience.

Joyce is probably best known for her intergenerational worship services, Spirit of the Christmas Tree and Would You Like to Hold the Baby, as well as her CD and songbook, Let Your Heart Sing. Perhaps her most widely used song is One More Step, which is included in the Unitarian Universalist Association hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition.

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Last updated on Thursday, August 21, 2014.

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