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Review by the Reverend Linda Olson Peebles
Worship, Music in Worship

Minister of Religious Education, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA

Singing the Journey is an adventure! Songs come from a diversity of backgrounds and musical styles. Some call for skilled musicians to bring out their intricate rhythms or harmonies. Others allow for us to put the book down, and just sing from the heart and body, once the tune and words get inside us. The book contains songs which will become new UU (Unitarian Universalist) anthems for the next generation ("Standing on the Side of Love")! Other songs will become like folk songs, ones that all our people, young and old, will be able to sing spontaneously and make it theirs ("Woyaya"). I have already had children sing to me songs they heard from this book ("Building Bridges"). I have used songs from this book ("Where Do We Come From?" and "Meditation on Breathing") with committees, boards, and other groups to help folks discover the joy of making music, even if they are not experienced singers—of singing a line they feel comfortable with, and becoming amazed and moved to find themselves in this prayerful harmonizing choir!

What a joy it has been to add this little paperback songbook to our hymnal racks and to make these many kinds of music available to our congregations of all ages and all experiences.

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