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Why the preponderance of songs over traditional hymnody?
One of the Task Force's challenges was to produce a resource that would reach out to spiritual/religious seekers and to newer Unitarian Universalists (UUs).  Also, for many UUs, traditional, four-square hymns no longer speak a compelling language.

Why are some of the songs so difficult?
We believe that every song is both teachable and well worth learning.  This website is full of suggestions and practical assistance that will make learning this music easier.

Why are so many of the contributions composed or arranged by members of the Task Force?
A tight production schedule and modest budget required the Task Force to accomplish as much work "in house" as possible.  Numerous musicians both within and outside the UU Musicians Network were involved in composing and arranging hymns and songs.  We are proud of the many new names in the supplement's composer/arranger roster.

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