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Review by Keith Arnold
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Singing the Journey is a regular source of music for congregational singing at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Boulder, CO. We find that many of our congregation's current worship themes are echoed in the supplement, especially those regarding community and social action. Our members have taken strongly to the music and message.

A few of the congregation's favorites:

"Hush" encourages us to listen carefully to still, small voices calling us to justice and freedom.

"When I Am Frightened" deepens interpersonal relationships, asking, "Will you believe in me..... If you will show me acceptance, then I may learn to give as you do."

When singing, "There's a River Flowin’ in My Soul," our congregation has moved bravely into singing improvised harmonies!

A sense of wonder and connection with the earth makes Peter Mayer's "Blue Boat Home" meaningful and beloved.

Our children and adults all know the haunting chant "Where Do We Come From," which goes on to ask: What are we, where are going?"

And any morning that we begin with the inspiring "Morning Has Come," I can sense the energy and commitment arising from the congregation.

Anytime that Jefferson Unitarian Church sings a song for the first time, the song is introduced, taught, and given a context so that the song can have the maximum opportunity for success. By intentionally and gradually bringing new music from Singing the Journey into our congregational life, we continue to expand the musical palate that can be employed for spiritual expression.

Keith Arnold is a Minister of Music, Jefferson Unitarian Church, Golden, CO.

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