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Celebrating Easter

2017: Sunday, April 16 

2018: Sunday, April 1 (yes, you read that correctly!)

For many Unitarian Universalists, the resurrection narrative is often more metaphorical than literal. Many kinds of resurrection can be emphasized: rebirth of nature; resurrecting dreams and hopes; resurrecting dead relationships. In a general sense, the ultimate triumph of life over death. Hallelujah!

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by: Robert R Walsh

by: Erik Walker Wikstrom

by: Paul R Beedle

by: Joshua Mason Pawelek

by: Samuel A Trumbore

by: Paul S Sawyer

by: Victoria Weinstein

by: Elizabeth M Strong

by: Heather Lynn Hanson

by: Martha Dallas

by: Alex Holt

by: Charles F Flagg

by: Adrianne Ross

by: Kathleen Rolenz

by: David O Rankin

by: Gary Kowalski

by: Dillman Baker Sorrells

by: Kimberley Debus

by: Jennifer McGlothin

by: Tess Baumberger

by: Anne E Treadwell

by: Evin Carvill Ziemer

by: Wayne B Arnason

by: Ruth E Gibson

by: Kirsty Johnson

by: Anne S. Howard

by: Thomas Rhodes

by: Ricardo Williams

by: Cathy Rion Starr

by: Nathan C. Walker

by: Ian W. Riddell

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