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Celebrating Children's Sabbath

National Observance of Children's Sabbath unites tens of thousands of religious congregations of many faiths in speaking out and acting faithfully for children and families. Many Unitarian Universalist congregations celebrate Children's Sabbath through worship services, social action, and special activities during the third weekend in October or other times during the church year. Children's Sabbath is organized by the Children's Defense Fund.

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by: Martha Dallas

by: Patrick T O'Neill

by: Gary Kowalski

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by: Erika A. Hewitt

by: Christopher Buice

by: Tess Baumberger

by: Pat Hoertdoerfer

by: Meg Barnhouse

by: Axel H Gehrmann

by: Christian Schmidt

by: Robert F Kaufmann

by: Teresa Honey Youngblood

by: Anne Principe

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