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Publishing Worship Material

If authors have worship resource materials (sermons, prayers, hymns, openings, closings, etc.) to recommend for publication on, the following procedure should be followed:

If the material isn't already included in the WorshipWeb section then it should be mailed to to worshipweb [at] uua [dot] org. The Resource Development Office will review the material for quality and legality (to make sure no copyrights are violated and that the author noted can rightfully claim authorship of the piece submitted). If the material is accepted for publication on WorshipWeb, the material will be entered into the WorshipWeb section of the site by a WorshipWeb staff member. The material can then be linked to from any other page on

If WorshipWeb staff decline to accept the article (assuming, of course, that the article is not rejected for legal reasons) the Web Staff will upload a PDF version of the item and authors can link directly to that document instead.

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