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Forum Participation and Commenting on Pages

All participatory features follow the UUA’s privacy and data security policies.

Discussion forums and comments on are ways for people who share Unitarian Universalist (UU) principles and values to connect for mutual learning and inspiration. Users are expected to uphold UU principles in their comments, demonstrating respect, honesty, integrity, kindness, and compassion.

The following rules help participants follow these principles.

  1. Posting on, via forum participation or commenting, is a privilege and not a right. The UUA actively promotes right relationship and positive interaction and reserves the right to suspend the account of any participant who does not follow these policies.
  2. may not be used for commercial announcements unless directly related to the topic of the page (as determined by the administrator of the page).
  3. Based on our First Principle regarding the value of the inherent worth and dignity of each person, may not be used for creating offensive or disruptive messages, including those containing sexual implications, racial slurs, or any comment that offensively addresses someone's age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin, disability or other identity or group.
  4. The UUA takes misconduct and safety concerns very seriously. Please report those directly to safecongregations [at] uua [dot] org, as described in our safety or misconduct policies, rather than leaving a comment or posting on a discussion forum.
  5. Users take responsibility for their comments and posts on and participate at their own risk.

If a comment or discussion post breaks these rules, it may be deleted.

Contact the Web Team at web [at] uua [dot] org with questions. Services During UUA Election Campaigns

The UUA Board of Trustees has established rules for UUA elections that affect online services. Specifically, the UUA does not host candidates' websites, blogs, email addresses, or email mailing lists, and does not provide support for candidates’ use of social media.

The Election Forum in is moderated by the Secretary of the Association or designee and a representative from the Election Campaign Practices Committee who is committed to impartial management of the discussion. Appropriate topics for this forum include messages campaigning for and against specific candidates, discussion of present and/or future election rules, etc.

Campaigns may be discussed on UUA mailing lists and forums as they relate to the topic. Any discussion around election matters that occurs will be issue-based and pertain to the subject for which the list or forum exists. 

Web Services for Organizations

The UUA offers web space, domain name service, email aliases in a small number of circumstances.

Web Server Space

Only groups recognized by the UUA Board of Trustees, Associate and Affiliate organizations of the UUA, UUA Districts and the Church of the Larger Fellowship, (including those in the process of affiliating), are eligible for space on the UUA web server.

Domain Name Service

Second Level Domain Name Service (e.g., will be granted only in limited circumstances at the sole discretion of the Manager of the ITS Web Team.

Third Level Domain Name Service may be granted by the Manager of the ITS Web Team to Districts (e.g.,, Publications (e.g.,, Associate and Affiliate organizations of the UUA (e.g.,, and the Church of the Larger Fellowship. Departments of the UUA will not normally be granted third level domain name service.

Fourth or Fifth level Domain Name Service may be granted by the Manager of the ITS Web Team to congregations of the UUA (e.g.,

Email Aliases

Because of the workload involved in maintenance of email aliases (e.g., abc [at] uua [dot] org), creation of email aliases will be limited. Email aliases may be granted by the ITS Web Team Manager for districts, publications, departments, associate and affiliate organizations of the UUA, and groups recognized by the UUA Board of Trustees. Member congregations, except the Church of the Larger Fellowship, are not eligible.

Other Web Services

Other web services, such as streaming of audio and video, web-based bulletin boards, and storage of large files, must be approved by the ITS Web Team Manager.

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