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4.3 Delegation to the President: UUA Governance Manual

The Board will direct the President through written policies that prescribe the Shared Vision (ENDS) to be achieved, and describe organizational situations and actions to be avoided, allowing the President to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.


  1. The Board will develop policies instructing the President to achieve certain results, for certain recipients at a specified cost. These policies will be developed systematically from the broadest, most general level to more defined levels, and will be called the Shared Vision (Ends).
  2. The Board will develop policies that limit the latitude the President may exercise in choosing the organizational means. These policies will be developed systematically from the broadest, most general level to more defined levels, and they will be called Leadership Covenant and Expectations policies (Executive Limitations).
  3. Only the Board may determine what constitutes a reasonable interpretation of its policies. As long as the President uses any reasonable interpretation of the Board’s Shared Vision the President is authorized to establish all further policies, make all decisions, take all actions, establish all practices and develop all activities.
  4. The Board may change its Shared Vision (Ends) and Leadership Covenant and Expectations policies, thereby shifting the boundary between Board and President domains. By doing so, the Board changes the latitude of choice given to the President. But as long as any particular delegation is in place, the Board will respect and support the President’s choices.
  5. The Board delegates to the President the responsibility to recommend, for approval by the Board, slates of candidates for the Ministerial Fellowship Committee and its subcommittees until the bylaws are changed to give the President the responsibility for such appointments.

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Last updated on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

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