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District or regional event/promotion (e.g., music or lecture).

Put together a Power Point presentation on your district which can be distributed to congregations on a CD.

People give to people: arrange opportunities for motivational speakers to tell their personal stories—then provide opportunities to give to a targeted district fund.

Assets from closing of a congregation held in trust.

Capital Fund Drive to establish endowments for Training and/or Extension.

Workshops to which you invite folks from your own and other districts.

Lecture series featuring well-known people speaking on important and various topics.

Set up a “Friend of the District” giving program. The size of the yearly contribution is typically larger than that for Chalice Lighters.

Creating and marketing congregational educational program in some electronic format. (Try video taping some workshops or programs at Annual Meetings or record a lecture on a topic of common interest for all congregations with optional upgrades to cover issues in larger congregations.

Make sure district policies support generous giving: require that congregations be full fair share to receive a Chalice Lighters call.

Ideas for Chalice Lighters calls include having teams from the congregation benefiting from the call provide written or in person testimonials around the district; do a district-wide pulpit exchange with retired ministers speaking a churches without ministers for a Chalice Lighters Sunday. Add an additional call each year and create a fund that will grow over 2 or 3 years and use for scholarships to educational programs or leadership school.

Ideas for recruiting APF Chairs/Committee Members: Don’t wait for someone to volunteer! Talk to congregation presidents. Ask them “Who is the best person in your congregation to raise money? Talk about stewardship?”

Rotate district board meetings around the district and schedule wine and cheese receptions or potlucks with area congregations. Use these events to build support for district funding especially for lay leadership development funds

Set up a fund honoring district “stars” or “notables”—naming a fund after a renowned minister or lay leader from the district can be effective.